14X14 Valentine PAGE HEADER

Some pets LOVE kisses and some pets don't. Think you can make it to 14 kisses? We double dog dare you to film yourself trying to give your pet 14 smooches! Here's the catch, if you can't make it to 14, you donate $14 to help the pets at PAWS!

Help us reach our $14,000 goal before Valentine's Day by participating in our 14x14 Challenge and spreading the word to friends and family!



  • Film yourself attempting to smooch your pet 14 times
  • Post the video to social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or all three!)
  • Tag @pawsshelter and use the hashtag #PAWS14x14
  • Challenge your friends!
  • If you can't reach 14 kisses without your pet putting a stop to it, you can make a $14 donation below!


Feel free to get creative! We can't wait to see the videos!

Please do not attempt this challenge on animals that are unfamiliar to you and please be respectful of your pet's limits.