These are the one-in-a-million types. The cats that bring a little extra cat-itude and class to the table. They are our purr-fect little misfits. These cats are simply operating on a higher plane and refuse to adjust to this lowly shelter life. They need your help to get them home and get them stimulated!



I have so much to say and no one to listen! I’m just looking for some intellectual conversation. Is that so much to ask? I prefer to be an only cat as it helps me think. There is a lot to ponder in this world and I can’t do it with a bunch of animals running around! I do, however, require many massages throughout the day to stimulate my bloodflow…it’s good for the brain, ya know. Let’s figure this world out together! Whaddya say?

Why is Missy a Misfit?

Missy is very vocal day and night. She can also get testy on occasion and may bite.



This guy could sure use an amazing adopter. Philemon is a great boy. He is super calm, gentle and sweet. He loves to lounge in his bed – especially if it’s heated! Phil is an all around easy boy who just needs a place to call home. If you could find it in your heart to love this boy, please come meet him.

Why is Philemon a Misfit?

Philemon is a special boy. He is an older gentleman who needs a home that is understanding of that. He has a chronic respiratory condition that keeps him a little stuffy for the most part but it doesn’t keep him down!



Cecilia is an extraordinarily beautiful cat. She has an outstanding personality which has carried her through a lot. Cecilia was found running stray in Marble Falls after being adopted from PAWS years ago. The finders were able to get her back to us after taking care of her routine vet work, which was simply heroic. It took about two seconds for us to realize that Cecilia had sustained a serious injury to her tail. In fact, we were able to determine that the tail had been separated from her pelvis. Due to this injury, Cecilia lacks nerve response in her pelvic area which has caused a bit of incontinence. She does still use the litter box but every now and again a little something slips out. It’s pretty heartbreaking to think that a cat who has been through so much hurt and neglect would be left homeless forever as a result.

Why is Cecilia a Misfit?

Cecilia sustained a serious injury due to neglect that has caused her to be incontinent at times.



What’s a big girl gotta do to get a home to have three…or four square meals a day in?! I love attention but living the “shelter life” has kinda taken a toll on my trust. I enjoy hanging out in a safe place but will happily meet you for food and treats anytime! Like I said, I have a few trust issues right now but I think that if you could prove to me that I am safe and the meals will keep coming, we could totally be friends forever.

Why is Jezza a Misfit?

Jezza is a little reclusive but all around pretty friendly. She will swat every now and then if she feels threatened.


Don’t let the fear in my eyes fool you, I am as sweet a cat as they come. I love, love, love attention and affection but this new environment is freaking me out! It’s way too loud, way too busy and way too weird! I just want a calm place to call my own so that I can finally feel safe and get the loving I deserve!

Why is Rusty a Misfit?

Rusty spends all of his time hiding in his house. He is very nervous at the shelter due to the hustle and bustle. He is very sweet and well socialized but gets no attention from adopters because no one can see him.