The truth of the matter is that pushing forth the No-Kill mission is expensive. Sadly, the pets not protected under No-Kill legislation are often the ones who are in need of spay/neuter surgery, blood testing, vaccinations, or other medical attention. As a non-profit, donation-based organization, this proves to be a huge obstacle when rescuing animals from Hays County and other Central Texas municipal shelters. For PAWS to continue saving lives in these areas, we need your help. By donating just $60, you cover the cost of a spay or neuter surgery – which proves to be the biggest expense when rescuing – for one pet and help secure their placement at PAWS.

It’s time to make a change for the better in Central Texas and by donating to our rescue fund, you can take pride knowing that you helped take our community one step closer to becoming No-Kill.

Leilani’s Story
leilani4On September 26, 2013, Leilani was transferred to PAWS from the Hays County municipal shelter. We first met Leilani at the request of the municipal shelter staff. They informed us that she was at risk and wanted to know if PAWS could help. We were more than happy to do so! The only problem was that she wasn’t spayed.
Once word got around though, that was no longer an issue. Leilani had a guardian angel looking out for her that offered to pay any and all medical expenses! After being brought to PAWS, she was spayed and given all routine veterinary work and in less than two weeks she had found her forever home! With the combined efforts of both shelters, supporters and donors, this beautiful little girl was able to avoid a life cut short and find peace in a loving home.