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For 24-hours beginning Wednesday, March 2nd at 6:00pm, take part in the largest online giving day of the year and help PAWS raise money to save animals not protected under “No-Kill” legislation.

Will there be bonus prizes? Yes. Will there be matching dollars? You betcha! Will it be tons of fun and a super rewarding experience? Oh yeah!

What is Amplify Austin?

Amplify Austin is a powerful strategy by I Live Here, I Give Here to increase donations and awareness to local, Central Texas non-profits through a 24 hour online donation platform. Last year, through Amplify Austin, Central Texas non-profits were able to raise a collective 4 million dollars in just 24 hours. Now that's impressive.

Why Should You Donate Through Amplify Austin?

We're making a special appeal March 2 – March 3, 2022. This is the day to celebrate and support nonprofits in Central Texas that make this a better place for everyone to live. PLUS, your gift made through Amplify Austin will be boosted by incentive matching dollars. Your gift may also help PAWS win one of the four the grand prizes or hourly booster prizes during the 24-hour period!

How Do I Amplify the No-Kill Movement?

It's easy! Visit our Amplify Austin page and click the “DONATE” or “FUNDRAISE” button.



Help PAWS win a $1000 bonus prize by making your donation on our Amplify Austin page during a special power hour from 10:00-10:59pm on March 2, 2022!
The non-profit that raises the most dollars raised during the hour will win $1000!

Join us on our Facebook page Friday, March 3rd from 4:00-5:00pm for a super fun livestream event that will help us win another $1000 bonus prize for most individual donors during the hour!
How it works:
  1. Make a $10 donation on our Amplify Austin page.
  2. Pick a number between 1-34 for dogs or C1-C4 for cats by commenting on the Facebook livestream.
  3. The animal in the kennel number you choose will recieve a special treat!
  4. Make a $20 donation on our Amplify Austin page to kick it up a notch and have that pet get a walk or playtime!
  5. Watch the Facebook livestream to see the joy and excitement firsthand!


There are 4 Grand Prizes of $5,000 on Amplify Austin Day:

  • $5,000 for the nonprofit that raised the most money in the 24 hour period of Amplify.


  • $5,000 for the nonprofit with the most unique donors in the 24 hour period of Amplify.

There are 24 Hourly Prizes of $1,000 on Amplify Austin Day:

  • Make a donation on our Amplify Austin page during our power hour (TBD) March 2nd to help us win a $1000 bonus prize for most dollars raised during this hour.
  • Make a donation on our Amplify Austin page during the 4:00-5:00pm hour on Thursday, March 3th to help us win a $1000 bonus prize for most individual donors during this hour. 
  • The Meadows Foundation has awarded a $47,000 matching fund just for PAWS donors to assist in our Kyle shelter renovation. After 35 years of service our Kyle location is showing it's age.

+ $45,000 MATCHING FUNDS on Amplify Austin Day:

  • An anonymous donor has pledged a $25,000 matching fund to match, dollar-for-dollar, during the 24-hour period of Amplify Austin!
  • I Live Here I Give Here created a targeted fund for small- and medium-sized nonprofits. These organizations are eligible to receive an additional $20,000 pro-rata match thanks to Expedia Group, Reissa Foundation, K Friese + Associates, and Woollard Nichols & Associates.




Tried and true, we're sticking with a proven winner – once we reach the $20,000 milestone, every dog at PAWS will get a yummy cheeseburger treat! Even better, we're going to make sure you get to see the joy in their eyes thanks to your support!


STAY TUNED! We working on some good stuff! 🙂