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Knight in Shining Armor Fund

A fund designated specifically to help sick or injured pets in our care.

As a “No-Kill” shelter, PAWS has adopted a no-animal-left-behind mentality. If a pet is suffering from a treatable medical or behavioral issue, we will always do our best to help. As a non-profit organization, however, it is a tremendous financial burden to do so. We work our hardest to keep these pets safe and both physically and mentally healthy, but there are extraordinary situations that test our limits of care. For, this reason, we have created the Knight in Shining Armor Fund. This fund will allow our supporters to donate specifically to animals whose care would otherwise be beyond our means of helping.


Taco was transferred from a partner shelter, a severely underweight, but bright and happy-go-lucky pup. What appeared to be fairly common signs of shelter-related illnesses (kennel cough, gastrointestinal upset), quickly turned into something more serious. Taco was eating well, but regurgitated all of his meals and was not gaining weight. Additionally, he had a consistent, but mild cough. He was taken to Firehouse, who performed x-rays and ultimately diagnosed Taco with Persistent Right Aortic Arch, a congenital condition that affects his ability to swallow food normally. Left untreated, PRAA causes chronic regurgitation, malnutrition, and can lead to deadly aspiration pneumonia. Luckily, Central Texas Specialty and Emergency Hospital believed Taco to be a good candidate for surgery, which he had on 8/29. Surgery was successful and, after a few days in the hospital, Taco is now recovering in a medical foster home. Recovery will take several weeks to ensure that the damage to his esophagus isn't permanent. During this time, Taco will require medications to abate nausea and help with pain. The most challenging part of his recovery is that he must be held upright for 20-30 minutes after each meal to ensure food reaches his stomach so that he doesn't regurgitate.

We're very fortunate to have received a shelter discount at CTVSEH, but with roughly $17k in medical bills this month, recouping some of the expenses of his surgery would sure help us out. His total bill was $3,558.40.

The precious pets in this section are currently in need of special medical care – from heartworm treatment to major surgery. Please help us help them by being their Knight in Shining Armor.

We can't thank you enough for caring for these special animals the way that we care for them. 

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Knight, the namesake for this fund, was transferred from an uncertain future at a municipal shelter, to PAWS in June of 2013. After arrival, Knight became very ill. What began as a simple upper respiratory infection quickly turned into a desperate situation when he came down with a dangerously high fever.

Knight was rushed to the vet where he was given antibiotics and a detailed regimen of care. After five days, his fever broke and things began to look up. There was just one problem – Knight refused to eat. The shelter staff began force feeding him every three hours over the next month. Although this was what the doctor ordered, Knight was showing no signs of improvement – in fact, he was getting worse.

Knight's anorexia was causing him to slowly go into liver failure. Knight was taken back to the doctor and had a feeding tube surgically placed. He was at his lowest point and no one was sure what his fate would be. After the feeding tube was in, Knight spent his days at PAWS being cared for by the staff and his nights in a foster home.

After what felt like an eternity, and a small fortune in medical bills, Knight took his first bites on September 25th – three months after his hunger strike began!

Knight was adopted by a loving family and lived another nine wonderful years with them. By contributing to the Knight in Shining Armor Fund, you afford PAWS the opportunity to treat pets like Knight and see them through to their forever homes.