As a “No-Kill” shelter, PAWS has adopted a no-animal-left-behind mentality. If a pet is suffering from a treatable medical or behavioral issue, we will always do our best to help. As a non-profit organization, however, it is a tremendous financial burden to do so. We work our hardest to keep these pets safe and both physically and mentally healthy, but there are extraordinary situations that test our limits of care. For, this reason, we have created the Knight in Shining Armor Fund. This fund will allow our supporters to donate specifically to animals whose care would otherwise be beyond our means of helping.


As a young kitten, Amelia was diagnosed with Uveitis, a very serious eye condition. This is an unfortunate diagnosis, as the majority of kittens diagnosed with this have an underlying terminal illness. We haven’t figure out exactly what caused her Uvetitis, but she will need extensive blood work, tests, and potential surgical removal of the eye. On the chance that Amelia is able to recover, we want to do all we can to help her. Meanwhile, she is living her best life and is adamant she give ample head butts in the meantime. She also is an avid tennis ball player and enjoys taking socks from room to room.

The day after Paloma came to PAWS, we realized something was wrong. She began showing clear signs of pain when she walked. We had a veterinarian take a look and, with several tests and months of waiting, we had a diagnosis. Paloma has a rare, infectious, chronic illness that she will carry with her for the rest of her life, most likely. She deserves all the best things in life and we expect to give them to her but, due to this illness, we know it will probably take a while. Paloma has been in our care since November of 2016. She has been battling a rare infection this entire time and is almost due for a retest. We are so hopeful that she has finally kicked this infection’s butt, however, we know there is a possibility she will carry it with her for the rest of her life. We need help funding her blood test and continued daily medications. With the diagnostic testing, medications, and prolonged care, we could use all the help with can get financially.

UPDATE: Paloma has been adopted but we still need help covering the medical cost while she was in our care.

This beautiful girl most likely spent her younger years as a beloved house cat. Now that she is a senior, and living her golden years in a shelter, she is extremely stressed. The stress caused Princess Jasmine to stop eating which in turn started shutting her liver down. She has had a feeding tube surgically implanted by a veterinarian and is receiving round the clock care in a foster home. She also had her blood tested to ensure that there weren’t any other underlying issues and all checked out well. Thankfully, Princess Jasmine is on the upswing and doing better each day.

Mojito was rescued from Hurricane Harvey. He came to PAWS heartworm positive and has now completed his treatment. Now that he isn’t battling heartworms, we need to work on his other issues. In addition potential heart trauma from the infection, Mojito suffered severe trauma to his hip and pelvic area resulting in multiple painful fractures. Before we are able to schedule him for his hip surgery, Mojito will need an EKG to determine the level of trauma his heart has suffered. Ultimately, this entire process will be a major expense and we can use all the help we can get. Thank you!

UPDATE: Mojito has been adopted but we still need help with his cost of care.

Garth is the sweetest, dorkiest Labrador you’ll ever meet. There’s just no convincing him he’s an old man. Sadly he is, and with that, he needs extra medical attention. On top of his senior status, Garth was not well cared for his entire life. In fact, when we first met Garth, he was tied to a bench in front of our shelter during a night filled with thunder, lightning, and tornadoes (seriously). He was emaciated, arthritic, and covered in raw, itchy, irritated skin. He was also heartworm positive. One by one we have tackled this sweet goofball’s medical issues. Currently, he is in a wonderful foster home and, thanks to treatment, is no longer a skinny, stiff, itchy boy and his heartworm treatment is underway.

Shinobi is an absolutely beautiful girl who came to PAWS with severe dental disease. After consulting with our veterinarian, it was clear she would need major work. Sadly, the majority of Shinobi’s teeth had to be extracted in order for her to heal. The procedure was costly but worth it. Shinobi is healing and in much, much better spirits now that she is no longer in pain.

Apple Juice is another poor baby suffering from heartworm infection. The cost of preliminary medicine and the heartworm treatment itself is just too much for us to tackle alone at this point due to the amount of extraordinary medical cases we are currently dealing with. Your donations will be literally saving lives.

UPDATE! Apple Juice’s medical care has been covered! Thank you Sue and Steve!


KnightThis amazing kitty was transferred from an uncertain future at a municipal shelter, to PAWS in June of 2013. After arrival, it became clear that Knight was not in the best health. What began as a simple upper respiratory infection, quickly turned into a desperate situation when he came down with a dangerously high fever.

Knight was rushed to the vet where he was given antibiotics and a detailed regimen of care. After five days, his fever broke and things began to look up. There was just one problem – Knight refused to eat. The shelter staff began force feeding him every three hours over the next month. Although this was what the doctor ordered, Knight was showing no signs of improvement – in fact, he was getting worse.


Knight’s anorexia was causing him to slowly go into liver failure. Knight was taken back to the doctor and had a feeding tube surgically placed. He was at his lowest point and no one was sure what his fate would be. After the feeding tube was in, Knight spent his days at PAWS being cared for by the staff and his nights in a foster home.

After what felt like an eternity, and cost a small fortune in medical bills, Knight took his first bites on September 25th – three months after his hunger strike began! Today, Knight is a happy and healthy cat resting comfortably in the loving arms of his new family!

By contributing to the Knight in Shining Armor Fund, you afford PAWS the opportunity to treat pets like Knight and see them through to their forever homes.