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Save a Life Today

Donations are what keep our doors open and make our mission to rescue homeless, abandoned and neglected animals a reality. Your donations save lives.

Every dollar donated goes straight to work helping PAWS implement our mission to rescue dogs and cats in need throughout Central Texas.

How your donations help:

$1,000 – Spays/neuters 14 dogs and cats

$500 – Provides complete vaccinations for 20 dogs or cats

$250 – Provides flea prevention for 20 animals

$100 – Provides monthly heartworm prevention for 20 dogs

$50 – Provides treatment of 2 animals for Kennel Cough/Upper Respiratory Infection

Monthly Giving

Giving on a scheduled, monthly basis allows you to have a greater impact on the welfare of animals by breaking down a generous total contribution into monthly amounts that fit your charitable giving goals and it allows us to plan ahead. Why schedule monthly donations?

  • You will help fund vital PAWS programs like the Cell Dog program or building our new shelter.
  • Your contribution is a dependable source of income for PAWS Shelter of Central Texas and allows us to budget for the future.
  • Your monthly gift will help us continue to provide animals in our care with essentials such as food, toys and beds, and veterinary care.


If you are searching for us on GuideStar, look for:
The Public for Animal Welfare, Inc.
Tax ID :  74-2421563