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Donate a Vehicle

• Fast and Easy • Free Towing • 100% Tax Deductible (As allowed by law)


Complete the vehicle donation form. You'll then be contacted to set up a convenient pick-up date and time.


You'll receive all necessary tax documentation required for a deduction. 


CELEBRATE that you have helped save the lives of homeless pets in Central Texas!


Our program makes donating your automobile, truck, boat or even plane fast, easy and hassle-free—and it earns you tax credits—while offering another great way to help support our mission to rescue, nurture and adopt over 1000 homeless pets each year.

• Fast and Easy • Free Towing •100% Tax Deductible (As allowed by law)


If you have questions about donating your vehicle, see the information below to find out how easy it is to donate your car and help pets at PAWS Shelter of Central Texas.

  • Receive a cash donation to fund new and existing programs and increase community awareness through local events.
  • Ability to reduce your taxable income when taxes are itemized.
  • Avoid the costs associated with selling your car such as advertising.
  • No loss of privacy or possible security risk.
  • No need to pay for vehicle registration, insurance, or repairs to keep your car in running condition while you wait for a buyer.

Most cars, trucks, trailers, boats, RV’s, motorcycles, off road vehicles, heavy equipment and other motorized vehicles are accepted.

We can take your vehicle running or not. However, it must be in one piece, have an engine, and be towable. Contact a CARS representative at 855-500-RIDE (7433) to find out if your vehicle qualifies for pick-up.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of receipt of the donation to schedule a pickup. Typically we can pick up your vehicle within 2 to 3 business days. If you need your vehicle picked up sooner, please call us toll-free at 855-500-RIDE (7433) as we may be able to make those arrangements.

For states that require smog certificates or safety inspections, you may donate your vehicle without these documents.

You will need the title to the vehicle. If you do not have it, it is possible that other arrangements can be made. Please call us toll-free at 855-500-RIDE (7433) seven days a week, for more information.

Vehicles are sold through private auction. The funds from vehicle donations are used to support the programs and services of the nonprofit of your choice.