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You’re Invited to the 2nd Annual Brews Unleashed!

A fun and friendly competition with local breweries who will pair a crafted beer with the story and personality of one of our long-stay animals! YOU will get to vote on your favorite brew and long-stay animal pairing at the event and we'll celebrate “The People's Choice” Award to the winning brewery!

Thursday, October 5th from 4:00 – 7:00PM at our Dripping Springs Shelter

Space is limited! Registration for tickets is open. Enjoy sips from local breweries and light bites from Redbud Café.


We have decided to pair Domino with our Mexican Style Lager named “Paz,” which means peace in English. We felt the name Paz matched his calm, quiet, and charismatic personality.

Description: Our Amber Mexican style lager showcases heirloom Texas blue corn from TexMalt. The corn is bright and fresh with a sweet corn flavor and lends a really beautiful purple hue. Vienna malt provides a malty, lightly toasty base, with Crystal vienna deepening the copper hues. Crystal 40 and roasted malts add a complexity and depth to the beer without compromising its light body and clean finish. Classic German hops keep this beer crisp and refreshing.

Tasting notes: Bready,Texas blue corn

At Family Business our motto is “Around Beer, You’re Family” we chose to pair our Golden Age Pilsner because it is a staple in the taproom that will always be there to greet you just like Bear! Bear is looking for a loving home so that he can always be there to greet you and give you all the amazing cuddles. A pilsner takes a lot of patience (6 weeks to be exact) to get it into the perfect tasting beer and just like Bear requires a lot of patience the outcome of having a loving kitty like Bear is always worth the wait!

Bear may be in his golden years, but like this delicious pilsner, he’s timeless. Golden Age is a crisp and lively beer with a mild, earthy hop bouquet that finishes superbly clean. Each of those notes match our lovely Bear’s personality perfectly. If it were up to us, Bear would win a medal just like Golden Age won a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival!

We're matching Gracie with our Sally Skull India Pale Lager. The golden color of this hoppy style matches Gracie's coat, while her pink collar is a nod to the 2019 Pink Boots Society blend of hops and premium pilsen malt used in this West Coast style brew. Like the legendary Sally Skull, Gracie has a zest for life and is looking for companionship that lasts.


Redbud Cafe will be providing a delicious selection of food that you can be assured will pair well with the awesome beer selection at Brews Unleashed!


We decided to have our beer ‘Destination’ represent Mr.Trooper for the event! 

We felt Trooper would enjoy Destination because he loves car rides so he is always down for a little adventure somewhere. Our beer, Destination, also has pine as one of it’s beer notes and we thought that matched perfectly with Trooper loving to be outdoors. It’s one of our classic year-round beers which pairs perfectly with a social butterfly like him. 

“Introducing 'Dude' – The Perfect Companion to Our Feueraffe Helles

Meet 'Dude,' the four-legged embodiment of everything we love about our Feueraffe Helles beer. Just like our brew, Dude exudes a relaxed and friendly demeanor that makes every moment more enjoyable.

With a coat that mirrors the pale golden hue of our Helles, Dude is the living embodiment of our beer's inviting charm. He's as easygoing as a sunny afternoon, and his presence enhances any gathering, just like a refreshing sip of Feueraffe Helles.

Our Feueraffe Helles is a light lager that captivates your senses with the aroma of Graham crackers. When you take a sip, the smooth mouthfeel and subtle malt notes, followed by a gentle hint of hops on the finish, create a delightful symphony of flavors – much like the companionship of Dude.

So, whether you're sharing a laugh with friends or enjoying a quiet moment of reflection, Feueraffe Helles and Dude are here to enhance your experience. Join us as we celebrate the simple pleasures of life with a beer as inviting as a wagging tail. Cheers to good times, great beer, and the loyal company of Dude!”


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